Prime 21 Grill | Meet the Staff

The Best Grill Around
Our Staff in 2015

First Opened

At the beginning I was in survival mode, which was a rush, but when that wore off I started to feel the stress of it. I was raising my kids and I didn't have partners or managers. It was hard until I realized that I could view things from another angle: that I was the one in charge of fixing the problems, and that that was my job. Eventually I got my stride. Once I surrendered to what my role was, things became easier to manage.

Kitchen Staff

There are certain key things that direct my decision-making. I focus on keeping the morale up and keeping the concept going and above all, I have to stay true to my story my original intentions for the business. My vision at its roots was about people, conviviality and good humor.

Waiting Staff

The waiting staff are one big happy group. With their sense of humor and kindness really puts a smile on your face. They all are wonderful individuals who take care of each other.

A True Family

Since opening the restaurant, I have meet the most wonderful people. We all built this place to be what it is today. I can't believe I have the most incredipale employees. We all take care of each other and we all do truly care. This restaurant brought us together and I am so greatful.