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August 12, 2000

How we Got Started

Just A College Student I had been working at a restaurant while I was studying for my undergraduate degree in Architecture at UC Berkeley. But I differed from my classmates in that I never saw myself actually becoming an architect or working in an office environment. My goal was really just to graduate. I also never anticipated opening a restaurant. So in a sense, the restaurant came to me.

Fast forward to a few months after my son was born one morning he had came down with a bad cold, and I called the restaurant to ask if I could come in a little later since he wasn't feeling well. The four-word response I received on the other end of the line was essentially what launched me into the entrepreneurial life I'm living today. My boss responded, "That's not my problem." I told myself I had to quit. I loved work, but my family life was also very important to me, and I wasn't willing to sacrifice either one. I decided to take some time to figure out the next best step.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help bring families together and a great way by doing that is throuhg food. Food can make everyone feel so much better. We have manu different options to choose from pleasing all the members in the family. We have multiple choices of vegitarian options along with vegan and gulten free. We noticed a major increase of people who aren't able to eat gluten so we adapt to our cutomers needs. If anybody is allergic to something please inform your waiter or waitress and we will accomidate to your needs.

Our Weekly Menu

Our weekly menu is an option where our customers can choose to try out new items. We have a comments section letting out customers be able to put in suggestions of food people would like to try. If an item on this menu gets alot of positive feed back there is a great chance of it having a soild position on our regular menu We love to try out new foods and make it more avalibe for our customers to do the same.